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Love these other bloggers for talking honestly about what it’s like to be a mom with PPD.

Beyond Postpartum

James & Jax

Sluiter Nation

Not Super Just Mom

The Endless Rant of a Multitasking Mumma

All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something


More than bloggers

And then there are these two. In the short time I’ve been familiar with them I’ve never known either to be anything but tireless and totally supportive of those with PPD (and their families) and they’re making it their life’s work to make it okay to have PPD.

Postpartum Progress

My Postpartum Voice


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  1. February 12, 2011 9:17 pm

    Thank you so very much for your kind words. Made me all sniffly and stuff. I admire those of you blogging your way through PPD so very much. It’s YOU who are making a difference.

    Thank you all for so bravely sharing your voices!


  2. February 11, 2011 7:07 am

    what a beautiful blog you have! I love reading your posts and appreciate your humor and honesty!

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